Audentia World Equity Fund

Audentia World Equity Fund, Invests in Global Equities, with total flexibility in order to take advantage of the best opportunities that arise in the market at different moments in time.

We follow an investment style that we have defined as a combination of “Value and Momentum“.

By Value we understand the selection of companies that combine an attractive fundamental valuation, a competitive advantage over its rivals and simple and tested over time business model.

By Momentum we understand the existence of catalysts that enable the market to identify the “value” on a reasonable timeframe.

The investment process begins with a Top-Down analysis, we do start from the global macroeconomic picture to establish the absolute return expectations of Equities. Based on the above analysis we decide the percentage to be allocated.

The next step is to determine the specific investment opportunities, we start from a internally developed quantitative model, which we use as a filter, allowing us to refine our investment universe composed of over 8000 companies globally. After that filter we do analyze in detail the fundamentals of the result companies. Finally we apply “timing” indicators. As a result only those companies that meet our strict investment criteria are admitted within the Portfolio.

Our obsession is capital preservation, we focus on the analysis of all risks, both macro and micro. We also have the great flexibility to be 0% to 100% invested, depending on the scenario that arises. We believe that high profitability in the medium and long term needs to avoid or minimize negative returns.

  •  ISIN Number Class A Shares:  MT7000006599
  •  Bloomberg Ticker:  AUDWDEA MV
  •  Reuters Ticker:  LP68273253