FX Selective Trading Fund

The Fund´s main objective is to obtain consistent, non-correlated returns generating low volatility and risk, via short term trading in the FOREX Spot Market.
The Fund´s trading strategy is based in the “Theory of Wave Forming Analysis” which states that data in deep volume, “non-controlled” markets like the forex market is positioned in “waves”.
By correctly analyzing this “wave positioning” of the data, our interpretive Proprietary System is able to predict short term moves of the currencies, with a very high success ratio.

In essence, every Fx pair has its own specific pulses and harmonic waves. Via complex algorithms, the System analyzes this interaction and identifies the proper timing to select the trading actions, applied mainly, but not limited to the EUR/USD currency pair.

The algorithms open and close trading positions, based on our Proprietary System that exploits the oscillations of the different Fx currency pairs, using techniques of mathematical analysis and non-linear equations systems, typical of natural phenomena.
The System operates continuous market scans to look for significant movements of the different Fx pairs, using parameters entered according to the characteristics of the observed market.

  •  ISIN Number Class A Shares:  MT7000012597
  •  Bloomberg Ticker:  AUDFXSA MV
  •  Reuters Ticker: LP68316884

  •  ISIN Number Class B Shares:  MT7000012605
  •  Bloomberg Ticker:  AUDFXSB MV
  •  Reuters Ticker:  LP68316885